Hey darlings! I know I have been slacking on updating…so lame… I will have to do a mega post to get all the pictures off my camera. but for now I will leave you with some exciting news!!!!

In 38 (almost 37) days I will be going to California for Coachella!!!!woohooooooo it will be my first time ever in California, and we are driving so we will be able to see some things on the way!

3 days of live music and camping in the desert! 🙂

have a wonderful night!

Best cure for a cold

This was such an interesting/boring/emotional week! I am happy to put it in the past! One thing that I did learn this week is that food is the best cure for a cold! yum! 🙂 All week I had lots of tea, juice and yummy eats and I feel 100% better and ready to rock this skating competition next weekend.

most of my breakfasts have looked like this all week

Blueberry/banana oats with tea and juice


Oats in a jar with a side of grapefruit and tea + juice

this is the amazing juice I have been drinking all week

and the teas I have been drinking my weight in 🙂

pretty much lunch all week has looked like this, but most days it was packed in my lunch box for school

this was really good and easy, but to say that it had two serving sizes in it is a joke 😉

all together on a bed of spinach, so good

carrot fries, sweet potato fries, brussels sprouts with bbq sauce/ketchup with a spinach salad

I was so excited to try this after hearing all the great reviews 🙂 and it did not dissapoint! so amazing, must buy more asap!

and even more amazing when used as a fruit dip!

some of my packed skating snacks

Hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed some yummy food 🙂

What is something you are all looking forward to this week?

I am looking forward to a skating competition next weekend 🙂 but not so much the getting up at 4am part…

but wait… I never get sick!

thanks for all the sweet comments about my knee! it is all better now and back to normal 🙂

but on the down side I woke up yesterday with a nasty cold, I must have jinxed myself when I told someone the other day that I never get sick! Normally the only time I get sick is when I get stressed, and I have a little drama in my life right now, so I’m gonna blame it on that!

here are some of the picture of my eats from the last couple of days

vegan pizza on a tortilla! so good!

carrot fries and brussels sprouts with a spinach salad

I always have to have this when I am sick

green smoothie in a bowl with raw cacao nibs

I have been taking my vitamins/Emergen c, drinking lots of tea and juice.

What do you normally do/ take when your sick? When I was a kid my parent always gave me sprite and toast.

Learn to relax

First off I wanna say thanks for all the sweet comments about my knee, it is still not getting better yet but I have not been relaxing and I also fell on it again… But tomorrow I am going to rest and ice it all day!

I did have a mini melt-down today at skating… oh how the stress of competitions gets to me… but on the bright side I finished all my midterms today and the rest of this week should be a piece of cake! 🙂

here are some of my eats from the last couple of days

it was my first time trying veggie “bacon” and it even smelt like real bacon, but I don’t think I would buy it again since the flavor was not that exciting

with a side of apples…

new coffee! so good!

snack plate

okay well I need to go ice my knee and relax (something I’m NOT good at)

Tomorrow I do not have skating and I’m taking a day off the gym because my knee is getting much worse… and I’m not looking forward to resting… I know, I know I’m not normal.

What do you like to do when you relax? and do you like to take a day to rest?

Monday Brought It

This is just a quickie (that’s what she said!) oh that never gets old! I have to get my bum to class very soon and start my busy day of school, dog walking, skating and the gym, plus I might treat myself to the sauna after working out because my body is pretty sore.

anyway so I know I told monday to “bring it” but…. when I said that I didn’t mean smash my knee into the floor…

So because I am a freak I took a picture of my lovely swollen knee for you all! you’re welcome 😉

yeah I’m pretty sure my left knee is twice the size of the right! oh how I love skating!

anyway I promise I will do a real post with my eats tonight after my busy day 🙂

have you ever had any injuries from sports? I have had about two that put me on crutches for about three-month… so this is really nothing… I guess I was looking for sympathy (lameo I know) since I didn’t get any at practice.

later gator!

Bring It

Normally I don’t want the weekend to end, but this time I really want it to be over. I want to get back to school and practice! I have been so so bored this weekend… today after my morning workout I tried to relax, you watch tv and do nothing but I got bored all day! I like being busy busy all the time, so come on monday/midterms bring it 😉

okay let’s get to some eats 🙂

I call this my “energy oats” it has amazing grass and Maca

I love this stuff!

tastes just like chicken 🙂

packed lunch for school before it went in the lunch box

as always lots and lots of veggies for dinner 🙂 carrot and sweet potato fries, salad, veggie burger and hummus

can’t have fries with out ketchup!

I love desert more than anything 🙂

dates are more of my fav snacks! well 2nd to apples with pb

okay well thats all I got for now, hopefully you had a more exciting weekend then me… are you excited for a new week to start? I know I am!

have a great night

falling off

so I’m not sure why I keep falling off the face of the blogging world, it might have something to do with skating, school and working out that takes up so much of my time but I think the real reason is that I spend so much time reading everyone elses blogs and leave no time for me to keep up with my own… anyone else have the same problem?

as far as food wise I feel as if I am in a rut, I have all kinds if new recipes that I want to try, but lack the motivation to make them! I must put an end to that soon!

I don’t have to many pictures on my computer so I will just post what I have for now 🙂

I have eaten lots and lots of fruits 🙂

got to try this newbie

the taste was okay but it was a little hard to chew

can’t go wrong with Newmans 🙂

tea and popcorn are always great when paired with lots of television

I have never been a fan of frozen meals but this was very good

I have been eating my usual pumpkin oats since I am still obsessed with pumpkin everything

and having lots of packed school lunches

Love this color : ) What is your favorite color to paint your nails? or do you not paint them? I used to wear nail polish everyday and my nails would feel naked without it, but now my nail go natural most of the time.

Have a great weekend!