Monday Brought It

This is just a quickie (that’s what she said!) oh that never gets old! I have to get my bum to class very soon and start my busy day of school, dog walking, skating and the gym, plus I might treat myself to the sauna after working out because my body is pretty sore.

anyway so I know I told monday to “bring it” but…. when I said that I didn’t mean smash my knee into the floor…

So because I am a freak I took a picture of my lovely swollen knee for you all! you’re welcome 😉

yeah I’m pretty sure my left knee is twice the size of the right! oh how I love skating!

anyway I promise I will do a real post with my eats tonight after my busy day 🙂

have you ever had any injuries from sports? I have had about two that put me on crutches for about three-month… so this is really nothing… I guess I was looking for sympathy (lameo I know) since I didn’t get any at practice.

later gator!


5 responses to “Monday Brought It

  1. ohh dang girl! sorry about your knee!

  2. aw your knee doesnt look good:( i sprained my ankle playing volleyball and i was on crutches for 2 weeks it was awful!! i hope your knee gets better, hang in there xoxo

  3. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ive never had any serious injuries- knock on wood! so sorry about your knee ❤

  4. i’ve never had an injury, but they are my biggest fear.

    hope you feel better soon 🙂

  5. Ouch, hope you get better soon!

    I was a figure skater…on ice. Transitioned into ice hockey and definitely got banged up by the boys! I completely tore every muscle and tendon on the top of my left foot. Major ow, it was sensitive to touch for 2 years, I swear. I couldn’t walk for 3 months!!

    Love your blog…look forward to stopping by lots!

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