Before and After

I officially love hot yoga! but it was a bad idea to go before skate practice because it drained all my energy for the rest of the day. I don’t have skating today so it has been pretty low-key, went to the gym this morning, went grocery shopping at like 4 different stores ( I love bargains, and hate to pay full price for anything) but it’s all good since I’m a dork and kinda like to grocery shop 🙂 Anywho I have hot yoga again tonight 🙂 in about an hour and then I have a hot date with season two of Grey’s Anatomy!

Some things in life are better before but for the most part they are better after…







Before & After

Like I said some things are better before

Well I’m off to hot yoga! what are you doing tonight?


4 responses to “Before and After

  1. findinghappinessandhealth

    hahahaah great post!!! i think eh looks weird before AND after :-\


  2. Tonight = finishing up finals week!

  3. hahaha
    i LOVE the before and afters!
    tonight i saw inglorious was soo good!

  4. Haha I love taking before and after pics but it takes a lot of discipline for me to gather all the ingredients. I’m a grab from the cupboard, use, and put back kinda gal. That and I forget 🙂

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