In a funk…

So the last couple of days I have been in a funk… why you ask? well without going into too many details some people in my family hurt my feelings big time. And it is effecting not only my mood but also my skate practice, so I need to put an end to it asap!

as far as for my eats it’s been the same old same old… but a lot of it has been camera-shy…

lots of veggies and hummus as always

and even more veggies!

banana and chocolate oats 🙂

Dave’s killer bread with pb/TJ’s cran apple butter + apple with cinnamon = YUM

and got a new tea 🙂 I love any tea with mint

anyway that’s all for now

what do you normally do to get out of a funk?


5 responses to “In a funk…

  1. im sorry love- i hope everything works out! sometimes we go thru these periods in our life..and it helps us appreciate the good times
    usually time helps you get out of those funks..also, surround yourself with positive things!

  2. i’m sorry you are going through a hard time with your family 😦 I know you will get out of it though! you are strongg.. & to get out of funks, i usually just try to be around people who make me happy & do things i enjoy


  3. I try to engage in the activities that I love the most when I’m in a funk – yoga, drawing/painting, walking with my dog, reading magazines, listening to music, baking… hang in there, girl! **hugs**

  4. I TOTALLY feel you on being in a funk thanks to family members. It sucks. I just try to remind myself that you just can’t please everybody. If you’re doing the best you can, that’s all anyone can ask of you!

    Go for a nice long walk or treat yourself to something special!

  5. Don’t you feel so sad when family members do that to you? I have learned to be assertive and to speak up IMMEDIATELY when someone says something that’s not nice. You can say something like, “I feel sad when you say xyz because I deserve to be unconditionally loved by my family members.” You can also set some rules by letting your family members know that if they say certain things, you are not going to engage in a conversation with them. Best wishes to you — I know how hurtful this can be!

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