Veggie Time

Happy almost friday! Today was a pretty busy day of renewing my divers license, practice, working out + getting my sweat on in the sauna! all in all a pretty good day, but I am sooo tired after 3 hours of practice and almost 3 hours at the gym… and i’m am so hungry I could eat my arm! (well if it had enough hummus on it) I have my veggies roasting in the oven now so they should be done by the time i’m done with this post (wishful thinking I know)

here are my un-roasted brussels sprouts, carrots and sweet potato

breakfast was a little different from my normal oats…

cold cereal with almond milk and a banana… I am out of oats! nothing like having a warm breakfast on a cold morning

lunch was dave’s killer bread, one piece with hummus and cucumber, the other with almond butter and TJ’s cranberry apple butter


long story as to why I didn’t get to eat this bar… but it would have been a great pre gym snack…

this is desert from last nigh, TJ’s organic chocolate soy ice-cream with bananas and PB! yum!

okay gotta go eat now before I starve to death 😉


3 responses to “Veggie Time

  1. that desert=perfect!! & i’ve never tried those dad alwyas eats htem though. they sound pretty good


  2. ive heard that hummus is amazing!! i want to try it!!!

    happy weekend!

  3. oh my gosh .. 6 hours of working out! CRAZY. id be eating everything in sight girl! that dessert sounds GREAT too!

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