Solo for T-day

What the f…. where did the time go? it’s been about a week since my last post, and a crazy week it has been, and now it’s already the “weekend” no school until monday and no skating tomorrow = lots of me time 🙂 This last week has been full of the usual school and skating, but also lots of staying up late watching movies, playing card and going out.

Food wise it has kinda sucked because of my lack of grocery shopping = BORING food, most of it not picture worthy… sorry

I did find some more seasonal tea! I am officially obsessed with seasonal items

This is what happens when Z bars go on sale for .25 each! I buy a whole box!

Dinner the other night was a gigantic bowl of veggies and pumpkin beer (told you I was going overboard on the seasonal stuff)

And to be classy I ate with chop sticks!

I also baked vegan whole wheat pumpkin carob chip muffins… soooo yummy

I think a new staple in my diet is brussels sprouts, sweet potato and carrot fries with a large side of kale “chips”

All week I have had the usual pumpkin oats with fruit mixed in…how is it oats never get boring?

So as I said I will be doing thanksgiving solo, and plan to make a vegan feast! The gym is even open tomorrow so I’m gonna go get my sweat on tomorrow morning and then get in the kitchen. Also I am planning on going shopping on black friday! anyone else? What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?


4 responses to “Solo for T-day


    My plans are the same as every year (which I love!) = everyone comes to my home; mom and I do all the cooking & baking.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving.. your dinner looks amazing.. totally something I would whip up! 🙂

  3. hahaha you are great. i love that ou bought the whole box of z bars!!!! & idk if im going to shop on black friday– crazy crowds :-\ and is that tea really good? i want to try it!! have a great holiday


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