Twilight love.

Hello lovers! Hope your friday is going as great 🙂 I can’t complain, I went to the premiere of Twilight New Moon last night/this morning and it was amazing. I kinda wanna go watch it again tonight… but I won’t don’t worry. So I got a pretty late start to my day since I needed to catch up on some much-needed Z’s. After some delish breakfast I went and did a little window shopping and then to Whole Foods! I didn’t really buy that much but I was on a mission for some Christmas teas, and I was successful! I am currently drinking my weight in tea…

so lets first see what I got in the mail the other day…

For breakfast I has oats in a jar, strawberries and tea 🙂

I got these for a snack for the drive home from WF cuz I knew traffic was gonna be bad

and this is some of the fun stuff I got a WF 🙂 and a new cliff! can’t wait to try it

and I also got some free samples 🙂

The other night I made some raw phad thai, I might make this again tonight 😉

Well that’s all from me for now.

Anyone else seen Twilight New Moon yet?

What are you amazing people up to this weekend?


7 responses to “Twilight love.

  1. I’m loving all the food! Pumpkin butter is my fav! I’m also very fond of sugar cookie sleigh ride! It shouldn’t be seasonal! I’m jealous you’ve seen new moon!!

  2. Looove TJ’s pumpkin butter!!

    I’ll be seeing ‘New Moon’ when it’s out on DVD – no theater crowds for me 😉

  3. gla dyou loved twilight- stil haven’t caught on to the obession!
    & im just goin out w/ some friends tonight..yay!


  4. That raw pad Thai looks so good! So was new moon much better than twilight?

  5. im drinking my weight in tea too. love the sugar cookie sleigh ride!

    i love that you factored in “trafficy ride home” snacking food in your WF trip. you are my hero 🙂

  6. I love pumpk butter AND those teas! We could swap cupboards 🙂

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