Light vs. Organic, where do you stand?

I got so much done today, feels amazing 🙂 this morning after my usual sunday morning run and yoga class I went to the library and got some amazing books and dvds! went and did some lovely grocery bargain shopping. Once I finally got home I was more that ready for some food! and Gilmore Girls 😉 then I resumed my productiveness and cleaned my apartment, put laundry away and did some homework.

Today while I was out shopping I was on a hunt for some celestial seasonal teas… but no luck, I can’t find them anywhere (and that makes me want them more!) maybe it is all part of their marketing plan…

but I did have some shopping success, I got Dave’s Killer Bread! I have been wanting to buy some for a long time but I was not willing to pay the price. I found it on sale for 3.50 🙂


I also went to the fruit and veggie stand 🙂


I got all that goodness for about $12!

Before my workout today I had some fuel


and then I got this “treat” after because I worked out extra long 😉 it’s sooo good!


For lunch I was more than excited to have some of Dave’s Killer Bread with way to much smart balance… 🙂


Yesterday I had some good eats also! had breakfast on the go yesterday before skating


After practice I went straight to the library to study, because I knew if I went home first I would procrastinate like crazy, so the Snackimals were suppose to tie me over until lunch… ha yea right! I was a hungry bear by the time I got home!

I had some PumpkinKiwiOats…?! wtf who does what!?


it was sooo good… and I think I may be in love with the Kiwi Berries 🙂


They are so little and cute!

I also had some study snacks later in the day


My new lovers are kale “chips” sweet potato & carrot fries! yum!


While shopping today I had a Large dilemma! okay okay… it was stupid really, and I know I spent wayyy too much time staring and obsessing at the smart balance at the store…embarrassing. So I was torn between Light smart balance and Organic smart balance… I don’t use the stuff very much. so I’m sure it doesn’t matter all that much, but I ended up buying the light kind and I’m still thinking that I should have got the organic kind… wow I’m a freak show. What would you have got???

well I think I need to get busy and make some dinner! have a great night!


9 responses to “Light vs. Organic, where do you stand?

  1. i love gilmore girls!! i probably would ahve gotten light but i’m sure organic is ‘healthier’


  2. Hey Doll!

    I am sorry I can’t help you with your dilemma…I have never had smart balance…But I am guessing organic would be better 😉

    What is this Dave’s bread stuff?? Looks good!


  3. yay! cereal sundays! lol i had cereal today too (i needed something FAST! LOL) but i’ll save th erest of my cereal for sunday!

  4. oh my gosh!! all of these eats-im so jelous of! first of all-im dying to try daves killer bread..have you seen that sin dawg thing? that looks heavenly! and that protien odawalla!! is it super yummy?
    hmm we have organic here-i usually go more towards organic (i used to not-but i do now) bc light is sometimes made with wacky ingredients/chemicals

  5. hey! I just discovered you blog 🙂 it’s great!! Looking forward to reading more!


  6. I prob would have gotten the light kind too!

  7. I suggest Earth Balance Whipped! 🙂 It’s organic AND dairy-free. With Smart Balance, you have to choose between organic (containing dairy), and light (which is vegan). I don’t think you’re vegan, but that’s what I would have done. 😉

    I have been meaning to make kale chips again! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for the comment! I try to be vegan as much as possible, like about 95% off the time… sometimes I just don’t read labels very well or have greek yogurt. so you comment really helped! I will for sure get earth balance next time 🙂
      yea make some kale chips, but don’t forget to make a double batch because they are soooo good!

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