I love bargains!

Well it’s that time again, friday night means early bedtime for me since I have practice in the am. But that’s okay with me I am perfectly happy with staying in and watching Gilmore girls. Today has been semi productive, got about half of my weekends to-do list done and almost done with my paper that is due monday 🙂

But I did find some time to sneak off and do some bargain shopping!


  • Two box of cliff bars for 12.99
  • Chocolate almond breeze for 1.29
  • Two box Snickerdoodle snackimals packs for .99 each
  • Organic mini ginger cookie packs for .99
  • Pack of 100% natural thin buns for .99

Very random items I know, but I was in the mood for bargain shopping only! 🙂


I have been on a mission to clean out my fridge this week! and I have been very successful!


DSC08601before and after


I have been eating my veggies, have you?


school lunch 🙂 with some new okio’s strawberry flavor! yum!


so yummy! good thing they are individually packed because I would seriously eat the whole box in one sitting!


Had a very random dinner of leftover butternut squash soup and sweet potato and carrot fries with ketchup and homemade BBQ sauce!  it was amazing and I think I’m  gonna repeat the fries again 🙂


close up 😉


and to wash it all down! I think this is my new favorite flavor


And a new kind of green smoothie, with pumpkin! it was amazing


and even better when topped with some raw cacao nibs 😉


anyway I need to get to making some din din! 🙂

Do you bargain shop? or do you just go to the store and buy what you need no matter if it’s on sale or not?


11 responses to “I love bargains!

  1. hey girl thank you for the comment! and WOW you got some great deals!! how is that jamfrankas bar? ive seen them before but never tried them!

  2. I try to bargain shop–Safeway card really helps with that!

    I am a HUGE GG fan, what episode are you gonna watch? lol

    • well I got season one from the library (I’m having a GG marathon!) and I’m gonna watch all the episodes in order. I think this might make me a dork, but oh well.
      I’m about to watch episode 14 ” that damn Donna Reed”

      • Ahhh classic!! I’m in the middle of season 3. I own all 7 so I’ve seen seasons 1-6 at least 3x each. It’s just the best easy watching, funny, quote-able show. So psyched to have another fan! Lol.

  3. I’d like that say I bargain shop, but sadly, I just get what I want most of the time! 🙂

  4. Awesome deals!! And you can’t beat homemade sauces – yum 🙂

  5. hi! thanks so much for stopping by my little blog 🙂 can’t wait to keep reading yours!
    awesome buys by the way! & i totally love those soft baked cookies, mmm so good 🙂

  6. how did you get those clifs for so cheap!! im impressed in your bargain skillage. well done!!

    kombucha and sabra – LOVE!!!! yum yum yum

  7. I bargain shop to a point. If it’s a great deal and I will eventually use it, I am tempted. If it’s a great deal say on decaf coffee, which I dont want anyway, I dont just buy it b/c it was dirt cheap.

    Thx for your comments the past week, muah!!!

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