Orange Foods

Mondays are always busy with homework, school, skating, and then back to school! lameo I know. It also didn’t help that I didn’t pack enough snacks to keep my tummy happy until I got home at about 9 for din din. But it’s over now, so time to party sleep…

I woke up pretty early again… not that it’s a bad thing, but when I can’t sleep at night and then also wake up early, I know somethings not right! or maybe I’m just getting old… The good thing about today is that I got EVERYTHING on my To Do List done!!! woohoo I loveee to make lists, I’m sure that makes me a dork. I get like a natural high from just crossing things off my list. Just say no to drugs and make to do lists.

Somehow my food for today had an unintentional color theme! how did that happen I do not know


Yummy pumpkin oats with banana in my favorite bowl/cup 🙂

























































SO SO SOOOOO amazing, best truffles by far!

The rest of my eats for the day I did not get a chance to take pictures of since I was a hungry bear when I came home from school 😉 I had the rest of my homemade butternut soup (more orange food)
All in all a good day 🙂


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