Happy Halloween ;)

Well no crazy Halloween parties for me this year, not only have I been a little bit sick but I guess I was looking forward to being glued to my television all night… NERD ALERT I know I know.. I did however get 7 ticker treaters! that’s right 7! This is the first year I have ever had any (apartments do not attract ticker treaters) Other then that my day has been very bland, practice this morning was alright, same old same old I guess. Then I made the BIG mistake of going to Costco on a saturday… I’m the kind of person who likes loves to look at everythingggg I mean like every aisle… NERD ALERT #2! Not gonna happen on Halloween Saturday!

Also my camera died very shortly after I took this picture… 😦 so I guess that’s all you get to see of my eats for the day

DSC08417Some of the loves of my life! Honey Crips apple, Cinnamon, PB and yogi tea… this makes me a happy skater 🙂

Tomorrow should be pretty busy with running, yoga class and tons of homework. fun fun

What did you do for Halloween? lameo like me? or cool/crazy parties?


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